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Harrow Celebrates Holi

On Sunday 20th March 2011 the Hindu festival of ‘Holi’ was celebrated in the Carpark of Harrow Civic Centre. Literally meaning of Holi (or Holika) means ‘burning’. According to the Hindu mythology Holi, a festival of colours, is associated with the demon king Harnakashyapa and in spirit, like the Diwali, Holi marks victory of the good over the evil. The event was organised in partnership between Harrow Council, Siddhartha Shakti Ashram and Sangat Centre.

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I was proud to attend the Holi celebrations. Harrow specialises in new initiatives and the Holi celebrations in the Civic Centre Carpark was one of those when the Council teamed up with local community organisations. I was moved by Harrow’s Muslim Mayor’s address to the large gathering when he described the religious purpose behind this Hindu celebration. This was – yet again - a true demonstration of Harrow’s mature standing as a Borough oozing unity and respect between all religions and communities.

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