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Navin's News: Bus Drivers

My statement regarding the postponement of two 24-hour bus drivers’ strikes planned for Friday and Monday

Formal talks facilitated by ACAS would offer an impartial setting for all sides to set out their concerns and hopefully bring this increasingly disruptive dispute to a resolution. By suspending the bus strikes planned for this Friday and Monday, Unite have shown they are serious about finding a settlement.


It’s now down to the Mayor to use his office to bring all sides to the negotiating table to stop any further disruption and resolve this issue once and for all.

Given the depth of public disruption caused by the previous bus strikes people will really wonder what the Mayor is up to if he misses this golden opportunity.


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12th February 2015

Lack of facilities angers bus drivers

I am working with the "We are not Dogs" Campaign, who are organising a lobby of Boris Johnson against the closure of the Brent Cross toilet and for decent toilet and mess room facilities for the bus drivers.

At the moment and on many occasions over the years, Transport for London has closed the only toilet the male and female drivers due to seemingly inconsequential reasons. This leaves the drivers with little alternative but to use the bushes near the Brent River when Brent Cross Shopping Centre is closed.

This leaves drivers vulnerable to being fined, as has happened in the past. Since 28 November TfL has closed the toilet 3 times (25 out of  37 days on 4 January), and say it cannot be opened now until February.


TfL is threatening to close it permanently because of the graffiti that has appeared on the wall, which one selfish person is responsible for and is not the fault of all other drivers.  

These 'facilities' are for around 70 bus drivers and are completely inadequate. The drivers will be attending the 'Talk London' event in Barnet on 17 January to question the Mayor directly about this. For more information about the event, please see here.

Navin Shah

Assembly Member for Brent and Harrow