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Mayor of London urged to back Deaf Londoners

Mayor of London urged to back Deaf Londoners


The Mayor of London has been asked to sign up to a Charter which could improve the lives of Deaf Londoners. Local London Assembly Member, Navin Shah, put forward a motion at a meeting of the London Assembly last week which called on the Mayor to sign up to the British Sign Language (BSL) Charter, aimed at improving access to services for BSL users and raising awareness of the disability. Mr Shah said raising awareness was the first step to ensuring Deaf people “can truly enjoy everything London has to offer”.


Last Wednesday (1st March) Navin Shah AM proposed a motion at a London Assembly meeting urging the Mayor of London to sign up to the BSL Charter. The Charter, launched by the British Deaf Association, is aimed at raising awareness of Deaf issues, empowering Deaf people, and improving access to services. The motion, which was backed unanimously by Assembly Members called on Boris Johnson to promote the Charter and embody its principles in his London-wide equalities strategies.

Harrow has recently become the second London Borough Council to sign up the BSL Charter with Harrow United Deaf Club.

Local London Assembly Member, Navin Shah AM, said:

“London is a welcoming, friendly city, but there is still more that we can do to make it accessible for everyone who lives here.


“It’s hugely important that we take every step possible to raise awareness of this disability so that Deaf people can truly enjoy everything London has to offer. That means addressing discrimination, intentional or not, and it means improving access to services and support.


“I proudly support Harrow Council’s endorsement of the BSL Charter and I will be continuing to actively work with Harrow United Deaf Club to encourage others to sign up. We’ve taken the first step with getting the London Assembly’s backing, now it’s time for Boris to show his support too.”

Mayor Johnson urged to fight Government office to homes policy

I passed a motion on 5 June urging the Mayor of London Boris Johnson to press the Government to abandon office-to-residential permitted development rights was passed unanimously by the London Assembly.

The new planning policy gives developers a free hand to convert offices into housing without planning permission.

My motion pushes the Mayor to stand up for London, highlighting that the Mayor has supported exemptions for areas in Central London, but failed to ask exemption for even one exemption in any of the Outer London Borough.

I raised this motion because I am concerned about jobs, quality of residential accommodation and economic growth in London. The huge disparity in values between office and residential accommodation and economic growth in London will place pressure on offices to be converted into flats, which pushes out businesses and threatens jobs.

Harrow has already lost 45,000sqm of office space to residential use over the last ten years – that’s equivalent to losing  2,190 jobs. This gives us a sense of the pressure already to convert even without these permitted development rights, so imagine what will happen now that the flood gates have been opened. The Mayor has promoted Intensification Area for Harrow in his London Plan but the strategy lodged by Harrow Council for the economic growth in this area is already under threat. Harrow Council’s bid for exemption from the change of use was not supported by the Mayor and refused by the government. Now that the London Assembly has agreed I hope that the Mayor will lobby the government to revoke the policy and help save areas like Harrow from economic damage.



  1. Navin Shah is the London Assembly Member for Brent and Harrow.
  2. Plenary session on 5 June can be found here:
  3. The motion is below as passed unanimously by the London Assembly:

Mover: Cllr Navin Shah AM

Seconder: Nicky Gavron AM

“This Assembly calls on the Mayor of London to lobby the Government to revoke its policy allowing the conversion of offices of all sizes into flats almost overnight and, crucially, without planning permission.”


Are bus services in London up to scratch?

The London Assembly has launched an in-depth investigation into bus services in London as passenger numbers rise and investment into bus services has flat-lined. Local London Assembly Member Navin Shah wants residents in Brent and Harrow to share their experiences of bus travel in London to improve and strengthen the service offered by Transport for London.


London’s population grew by one million between 2001 and 2011 and is expected to continue to rise at the same rate over the next 10 years. TfL saw an estimated 49.5million journeys made between 28 April and 4 May on London buses, half of all bus journeys made in the rest of England combined.

 Transport for London recently celebrated a record-breaking week for the number of bus journeys made in one week yet the Mayor is already considering slashing the annual bus subsidy. Investment to improve and expand bus services has flat-lined under Boris and as London’s population is growing at a rate equivalent to two full buses each day, we need to find out how Londoners will travel around the capital and what their opinions of bus services are.

Residents can share their good and bad experiences by filling in a short survey on bus services in London and attending the public meeting on 6 June at City Hall. We need bus users help to ensure the London Assembly puts forward strong recommendations to the Mayor on how we can make bus services in London suit the needs of the people that use them.

TfL’s business plan does not provide for expansion of the bus network, and unless plans are secured to deal with extra passengers, London buses run the risk of entering a period of decline.



  1. Details of bus services in London survey and public meeting can be found here:

The London Assembly set up new Committees to examine key issues in London

 Today at the London Assembly we set up new committees and also appointed the Chairs and Deputy chairs for these committees for the year 2013/2014.

Committees, Chairs and Deputy Chairs as follows:

Audit Panel (4 Members)

Chair: John Biggs AM

Deputy Chair: Roger Evans AM

Budget and Performance Committee (7 Members)

Chair: John Biggs AM 

Deputy Chair:  Stephen Knight AM

Confirmation Hearings Committee (9 Members)

Chair and Deputy Chair to be appointed at each meeting.

Economy Committee (7 Members)

Chair: Stephen Knight AM

Deputy Chair: Fiona Twycross AM

Environment Committee (7 Members)

Chair: Murad Qureshi AM

Deputy Chair:  Stephen Knight AM

GLA Oversight Committee (9 Members)

Chair: Len Duvall AM

Deputy Chair: Tony Arbour AM

Health Committee (5 Members)

Chair: Dr Onkar Sahota AM

Deputy Chair: Andrew Boff AM

Housing Committee (7 Members)

Chair: Darren Johnson AM

Deputy Chair: Tom Copley AM

Planning Committee (5 Members)

Chair: Nicky Gavron AM

Deputy Chair: Steve O’Connell AM

Police and Crime Committee (9 Members)

Chair: Joanne McCartney AM

Deputy Chair: Caroline Pidgeon AM

Deputy Chair: Jenny Jones AM

Regeneration Committee (5 Members)

Chair: Gareth Bacon AM

Deputy Chair: Jennette Arnold AM

Transport Committee (9 Members)

Chair: Val Shawcross AM 

Deputy Chair: Caroline Pidgeon AM


The full membership of each committe and terms of reference can be found here: