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Navin's News for June 2013

Serious injuries for vulnerable road users rise for second year

Figures released today by Transport for London show the number of vulnerable road users seriously injured in London’s has risen for the second consecutive year. Local Labour London Assembly Member Navin Shah calls on the Mayor of London Boris Johnson to focus on bringing down the number of serious incidents involving pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

The figures released on 27 June show serious incidents in Brent involving vulnerable road users increased in 2012 since 2011:

Serious incidents involving pedestrians rose by 19 per cent

Serious cyclist injuries rose by 17 per cent

The Mayor must introduce targets to bring down the rise of serious casualties on London’s roads. In Brent, there has been a 7 per cent increase in serious incidents involving cyclists/pedestrians/motorcyclists and this is not acceptable.

Boris has taken his eye off the ball and the result has been an increase in injuries to the most vulnerable road users. His policy of smoothing car traffic in London has been at the expense of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. If we are determined to encourage more people to cycle and walk then the Mayor must improve public safety on red routes which run through high streets and shopping areas such as Brent.

The Mayor’s priority needs to be making London’s roads as safe as possible, and he should be paying the most attention to TfL’s red routes which pose a greater threat to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.





  1. Transport for London’s Casualties in Greater London during 2012 can be found here:

Mayor of London launches his “2020 Vision” report

Today (11 June 2013) the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, set out his “2020 Vision” report for the capital.

The report makes little reference to project investment in Wembley in Brent on p36:


In Wembley we will build on the success of the iconic national stadium, with the Arena and Conference Centre and the reinvention of the Olympic Way to create a new community of shops, much enhanced public spaces, a new civic centre for Brent Council and 11,500 new homes.

The expansion eastwards of the town centre and the upgrades to the three stations should create 11,000 local jobs''.

The launch has been described as the beginning of Boris Johnson’s “long-goodbye to London” as his attention increasingly turns elsewhere.


Mayor Johnson urged to fight Government office to homes policy

I passed a motion on 5 June urging the Mayor of London Boris Johnson to press the Government to abandon office-to-residential permitted development rights was passed unanimously by the London Assembly.

The new planning policy gives developers a free hand to convert offices into housing without planning permission.

My motion pushes the Mayor to stand up for London, highlighting that the Mayor has supported exemptions for areas in Central London, but failed to ask exemption for even one exemption in any of the Outer London Borough.

I raised this motion because I am concerned about jobs, quality of residential accommodation and economic growth in London. The huge disparity in values between office and residential accommodation and economic growth in London will place pressure on offices to be converted into flats, which pushes out businesses and threatens jobs.

Harrow has already lost 45,000sqm of office space to residential use over the last ten years – that’s equivalent to losing  2,190 jobs. This gives us a sense of the pressure already to convert even without these permitted development rights, so imagine what will happen now that the flood gates have been opened. The Mayor has promoted Intensification Area for Harrow in his London Plan but the strategy lodged by Harrow Council for the economic growth in this area is already under threat. Harrow Council’s bid for exemption from the change of use was not supported by the Mayor and refused by the government. Now that the London Assembly has agreed I hope that the Mayor will lobby the government to revoke the policy and help save areas like Harrow from economic damage.



  1. Navin Shah is the London Assembly Member for Brent and Harrow.
  2. Plenary session on 5 June can be found here:
  3. The motion is below as passed unanimously by the London Assembly:

Mover: Cllr Navin Shah AM

Seconder: Nicky Gavron AM

“This Assembly calls on the Mayor of London to lobby the Government to revoke its policy allowing the conversion of offices of all sizes into flats almost overnight and, crucially, without planning permission.”


What do you think of your bus service?


My colleagues on the London Assembly Transport Committee are carrying out an investigation into London's bus services. 

To get involved and respond to the survey on your local bus services, please visit:

Deadline for members of the public to ask questions on the draft fifth London Safety Plan

There will be an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions on the draft fifth London Safety Plan at the next London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority meeting that takes place after the consultation has ended, on 20th June.  To ask a question, the Clerk must be told by 2.30pm on Monday 10th June 2013.  If you are interested in asking a question at the Authority meeting, please email me at or by phone (020 7983 4876).

Boris slammed for no-show at fire cuts meeting

I supported a motion today slamming the Mayor of London Boris Johnson for refusing to attend the fire cuts public meetings. The motion condemns Boris for snubbing the meetings where he would have had the opportunity to make the argument for the cuts he has demanded from the London Fire Brigade.  

Londoners are invited to challenge Boris Johnson directly next week on his proposed cuts to the London Fire Brigade as well as cuts to the Metropolitan Police and London’s housing crisis at the annual State of London debate held at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster.

The consultation on the Draft Fifth London Safety Plan finishes on 17 June. Residents can also contribute to the consultation through the Fire Authority website, where more details are available:

It is deplorable that the Mayor has imposed these cuts after many members of the London Fire Authority and London Assembly had clearly signalled that the level of cuts proposed by him were totally unnecessary. We gave the Mayor a fully costed plan to keep these much needed front line services but he has chosen to continue with his misjudged plans.

Londoners have a final opportunity to challenge the Mayor directly about his cuts to the emergency services, the cost of living in London, and London’s housing crisis at next week’s State of London debate. Boris has refused to attend any of the fire cuts public meetings to make the argument for the cuts he has demanded from the London Fire Brigade. He has made life harder for Londoners and they have a right to be angry.

Hard-working Londoners are struggling to afford daily life in what is one of the most expensive cities in the world. The Mayor gets a lot of media attention for what he says but not nearly enough attention is paid to what he does, or in most cases hasn’t done for London. This is a chance to take Boris to task and let him know what you think his priorities should be for London.





  1. The State of London debate is taking place on Wednesday 12 June at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, SW1H 9NH. Doors will open at 6:30pm and the event will run from 7:30pm – 9:00pm. To apply for tickets go to
  2. Today’s Plenary session can be found here:
    1. The motion is below:

Mover: Cllr Navin Shah AM 

Seconder: Stephen Knight AM

Draft 5th London Safety Plan Public Consultation


This Assembly notes the draft 5th London Safety Plan contains the proposal to close 12 fire stations, cut 18 fire engines and axe 520 firefighter posts as a direct result of the financial constraints being imposed on the Fire Brigade by the Mayor.


This Assembly deplores the fact that the public consultation on the cuts to the London Fire Brigade is being imposed on the Authority following the Mayoral direction, implemented on 31st January 2013.


This Assembly regrets that the Mayor has refused to attend the public meetings to make the argument for the cuts he has demanded from the London Fire Brigade. 


This Assembly is also concerned at the overall co-ordination of the consultation process, which has resulted in widely inconsistent levels of public participation at the meetings in different boroughs.

Are bus services in London up to scratch?

The London Assembly has launched an in-depth investigation into bus services in London as passenger numbers rise and investment into bus services has flat-lined. Local London Assembly Member Navin Shah wants residents in Brent and Harrow to share their experiences of bus travel in London to improve and strengthen the service offered by Transport for London.


London’s population grew by one million between 2001 and 2011 and is expected to continue to rise at the same rate over the next 10 years. TfL saw an estimated 49.5million journeys made between 28 April and 4 May on London buses, half of all bus journeys made in the rest of England combined.

 Transport for London recently celebrated a record-breaking week for the number of bus journeys made in one week yet the Mayor is already considering slashing the annual bus subsidy. Investment to improve and expand bus services has flat-lined under Boris and as London’s population is growing at a rate equivalent to two full buses each day, we need to find out how Londoners will travel around the capital and what their opinions of bus services are.

Residents can share their good and bad experiences by filling in a short survey on bus services in London and attending the public meeting on 6 June at City Hall. We need bus users help to ensure the London Assembly puts forward strong recommendations to the Mayor on how we can make bus services in London suit the needs of the people that use them.

TfL’s business plan does not provide for expansion of the bus network, and unless plans are secured to deal with extra passengers, London buses run the risk of entering a period of decline.



  1. Details of bus services in London survey and public meeting can be found here: