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Navin's News for December 2018

Excess winter deaths in Brent double in 2016/17

The number of excess winter deaths in Brent doubled in 2016/17, the latest figures have shown.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that there were 120 excess deaths across the borough during this winter period.

This compares to just 60 recorded in the same time frame a year before.

It is part of a growing trend across London – in 2017/18, there were 4,200 excess winter deaths in the capital, which represents a 23 per cent increase from 2016/17.

Politicians have spoken out against the rising number of poorly-equipped properties and are urging authorities to act on issues such as cold homes and food poverty. 

Navin Shah, local assembly member for Harrow and Brent, said the increase in winter deaths is “extremely concerning” and he described the situation in Brent as “unacceptable”.

Excess winter deaths are calculated by comparing the number of deaths during that time with the rest of the year.

The ONS attributes the majority of these deaths to breathing issues, with elderly people particularly vulnerable.

City Hall announced it will invest £2.5 million into its Warmer Homes scheme, which allows landlords, renters and homeowners to bid for up to £4,000 worth of heating funding.

Brent Council has been contacted for comment on the issue.

On its website, it offers simple advice on how to keep warm during cold weather, including wearing extra clothing and eating hot, nourishing food.

It also suggests blocking out draughts with newspaper, letting sunlight into your home during the day and drawing the curtains at dusk.

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22nd December 2018

Mayor Petitioned for Step-free access at Willesden Green Station

A petition calling for step-free access at Willesden Green Underground Station was submitted to the Mayor of London at a London Assembly Plenary meeting yesterday. Local London Assembly Member, Navin Shah AM, handed in the petition on behalf of the Willesden Green Access Group, led by CouncillorsTariq Dar, Lia Colacicco, Janice Long and Ahmad Shahzad, andcited the “compelling case” and “strong local demand” for accessibility to be improved at the tube station.


Passengers using Willesden Green Underground Station, on the Jubilee Line, currently have to take 30 steps to get between the station concourse and platforms below.


The petition, with 826 signatures from local residents, traders, business and stakeholders, urges the Mayor of London, as Chair of Transport for London (TfL), to make the station step-free as ‘a matter of top priority’.


It cites that Willesden Green facilitates 8.8 million journeys per year and is situated in close proximity to residential areas and community hubs, thereby increasing the likelihood of those with disabilities, wheelchair users, parents with push-chairs and older people needing to access the station.


City Hall is investing £200 million to ensure that 40% of the London Underground network is step-free by March 2022.


The petition calls upon the Mayor to include Willesden Green in the list of stations to receive this funding, or alternatively, to include it in TfL’s business plan and work with Brent Council to explore part funding the scheme through local funds raised from Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy requirements.


Local London Assembly Member, Navin Shah AM, said:


“It is essential that all members of our community are able to access the tube network and its very positive that City Hall have set ambitious targets for making 40% of our underground stations step free over the next few years.


“As a busy station in a residential area with many community hubs and places of worship, there is a compelling case for step-free access to be installed at Willesden Green, and with this petition, there is clearly strong local demand for it.


“On the back of this petition, I hope the Mayor will seriously consider including Willesden Green in his next round of funding, or failing that, follow-up on our suggestion of working with Brent Council to find other financing solutions”.




Notes to editors

  • Local London Assembly Member, Navin Shah AM, submitted a petition, calling for step-free access to be installed at Willesden Green Underground Station, to the Mayor of London at a London Assembly Plenary meeting. A copy of the petition text can be found in the agenda documents for the meeting;


  • A photo of Navin Shah AM with the petition is attached;


  • City Hall is investing £200 million to ensure that 40% of the London Underground network is step-free by March 2022;


  • Navin Shah AM is the London Assembly Member for Harrow and Brent.


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7th December 2018