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Metropolitan line

My thoughts on the Tube Upgrade

Local commuters relying on the Metropolitan line will be understandably disappointed to hear that they must wait a further five years until “faster and more frequent” services are delivered as part of the long promised tube upgrade.

With rush hour tubes full to capacity, leaving commuters struggling to get to work each day on overcrowded services, upgrading the tube has to be the single most important transport project in London.

Yes there have been a number of obstacles, such as the failed Bombardier deal and large scale Government cutbacks. But it’s simply not good enough that, after eight years, the Mayor of London has failed to complete what is not only the most cost efficient upgrade to the London Underground, but the most beneficial to passengers and London’s economy.

This should have topped the Mayor’s list of priorities. Sadly, his inability to stay focused means that many local people will have to put up with five more years of overstretched services.


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