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New figures reveal 2,900 Met Police Officers cut since 2010

The Metropolitan Police’s latest figures reveal that over 2,900 police officers have been cut since May 2010. Since his re-election last May Boris Johnson has cut over 1,300 police officers – despite promising an extra 1,000. The latest drop in police numbers comes at a time when the Mayor and government are considering buying water cannons for the police.

The majority of police officers that have been cut have come from borough police teams:

  • In Brent 89 police officers have been lost
  • In Harrow 66 police officers have been lost

 These latest figures are deeply concerning. Not only have we lost 89 police officers in Brent, 66 in Harrow and nearly 3,000 police officers in London since May 2010, but the vast majority – 2,700 – have been lost from borough police teams. Hollowing out the frontline like this cannot continue. This week we learned that the government and Mayor are considering buying water cannons to use on our streets. It looks like the Met are under real strain, without enough police officers.

Instead of cutting the police budget by 20 per cent and buying water cannons the government and Mayor should be properly resourcing the police. These cuts are completely unacceptable. Boris’ latest policing plan claims that it will put more police into the boroughs and on the streets, the evidence tells a very different story. The Mayor and the Government’s cuts are too far, too fast.




  1. In September 2012 Boris Johnson said at Mayor’s Question Time: “I do think that it is important to keep Police numbers high…It is something that not everybody necessarily agrees with me about.  A lot of people say that the numbers themselves do not matter.  I think that they do matter.  I think that it is important that we keep them at or around 32,000.”