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Boris Johnson’s rental standard scheme

Boris Johnson’s rental standard scheme ‘failing Londoners’

A year after the launch of the Mayor’s flagship London Rental Standard only 14,139 of London’s 300,000 private landlords have signed up. When he launched the scheme the Mayor said he would have 100,000 landlords signed up by May next year.

Less than a year before the Mayor said he would hit his target of 100,000 landlords signed up to his minimum standards the latest figures show he is only 14% of the way there with only six hundred extra landlords signing up in the last year. At this rate of progress Mr Copley has calculated that it would take a further 103 years before Boris Johnson hits his 100,000 target.

In 2012 Boris Johnson pledged that he would sign up 100,000 of London’s private sector landlords to a new London Rental Standard (LRS). The scheme, which was eventually launched on 28th May 2014, sets minimum standards for landlords and amalgamated the various voluntary landlord accreditation schemes in the capital.

Soon after the LRS was launched in May 2014 the Mayor reported that there were 13,512 landlords already signed up to the various accreditation schemes. Since then, according to the latest available City Hall figures, only 627 additional landlords have signed up despite an intensive publicity campaign.

With only 14,139 of London’s 300,000 landlords signed up, the figures showed Boris Johnson’s system of voluntary self-regulation was “failing private renters”.

Boris Johnson’s abysmal record on housing is epitomised by the fact that with less than a year to go he has signed up just 14% of the 100,000 landlords he promised by May 2016. 

At the current rate, it will take over one hundred years before the Mayor fulfils his promise to accredit 100,000 landlords, that’s more than embarrassing it’s a scandal.

We need real change in the private rented sector. Londoners need the peace of mind and security of longer tenancy agreements, caps on rent increases and an end to no fault evictions. Instead Boris Johnson’s soft touch and self-regulatory approach is leaving private renters with little protection from bad landlords.