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Ex-Olympians to lead rally for gas survivors


BHOPAL: A member of Indian origin in the Greater London Authority, Navin Shah, and several former Olympians are expected to lead a rally on Thursday here, endorsing support for the Bhopal gas victims and voicing their opposition to allowing Dow Chemicals to be a sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics 2012 .

The rally was jointly announced today by gas survivor's organisations who demanded that the Indian government oppose Dow's sponsorship of the Olympics games and make it pay up an adequate compensation the deaths and lingering hurts caused by the disaster of 1984.

The organisers said Olympians Ashok Dhyanchand, Jalaluddin Rizvi, Sameer Daad and others have confirmed their participation Navin Shah said he was joined by the Labour Party's Friends of India and a cross-party coalition of MPs at the Olympic site to urge the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) to review its decision to have Dow as a sponsor.

The LOCOG had awarded the contract to build the decorative wrapping on the Olympic Stadium to Dow.

The rally beginning in the afternoon, will start from the Bharat Talkies crossing and wind its way through Union Carbide's abandoned factory. At the end of it, a public meeting will be held in front of the factory, and the Chairman of the London Olympics organising committee, Lord Sebastian Coe, will be burnt in effigy.



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1st December 2011