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Sat-Nav 'sends lorries along the narrow street'


By Max Walter

Angry residents are calling on satellite navigation system companies to put the brakes on sending lorries down their narrow streets.

The heavy duty vehicles are being guided by satellite navigation systems (SatNav) into Tubbs Road and Nightingale Road in Harlesden, clogging the roads up on a daily basis.

The lorry drivers are unaware that both roads are narrow residential streets as Tubbs Road is also known as the A40002, making it one of the smallest A-roads in the country.

Beatrice Barleon, who lives in Tubbs Road and is the chairwoman of Junction Residents' Association, said: "Drivers blindly follow these instructions and always assume that they are going to be right.

"There is a width restriction sign up now and the SatNav companies should send vehicles an alternative way because the street is not designed for them.

"They are very loud but they have also caused problems for residents getting in and out of the road and caused damage."


Residents have also reported damage to cars and gardens walls. A warning sign was put up by Brent Council but the problem has continued.

Navin Shah, London assembly member for Brent and Harrow, described it as a 'disaster waiting to happen.'

He added: "All the SatNav companies need to do is programme into their systems that these roads are impassable for HGVs.

The Times spoke to one of the major SatNav manufacturers which confirmed that Tubbs Road and Nightingale Road were not wide enough for lorries.

However, they explained that there was a service available for truck drivers and drivers should take heed of road signs and use their common sense when driving.

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10th November 2011