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Boris condemns commuters to another 1% rise in fares next year

The Mayor of London has today (Thursday) announced another 1% rise in fares from January 2016. The latest fares hike means that since he was elected in 2008 fares will have gone up by 42%, which is 13% above inflation, by the time he stands down next year.

Alongside the fares hike the Mayor also announced the extension of free travel for under 11s to include rail services in the capital, currently travel is only free on TfL run buses, tubes and overground lines. The policy comes after Val Shawcross AM called for its introduction earlier this year.

As a result of the Mayor’s announcement fares from next year will rise as follows:

-          Bus and Tram Pay as You Go – up 67% to £1.50 – a £0.60 rise since 2008

-          PAYG TfL Rail Services Zone 1 – up 60% to £2.40 – a £0.90 rise since 2008

-          Zone 1-2 monthly travel card – up 34% to £124.50 – a £31.50 rise since 2008

-          Zone 1-3 monthly travel card – up 34% to £146 – a £36.90 rise since 2008

-          Zone 1-4 annual travel card – up 34% to £178.60 – a £45.70 rise since 2008

-          Zone 1-6 monthly travel card – up 33% to £227 – a £55.70 rise since 2008

By increasing adult fares yet again Boris Johnson has dealt a parting blow to Londoners who have already had to contend with astronomical fare rises during his mayoralty. We’ve witnessed astonishing levels of hypocrisy from a Mayor who once said he’d lower fares in the long term, but has bumped them up by over 40% during his time in office.

Commuters in the capital will be left bewildered as to why they have seen their fares rise year after year whilst there has been so little investment in the transport projects that London actually needs. Prices may have gone up but our buses remain overcrowded and the Tube upgrade is lagging significantly behind schedule.

Boris Johnson has repeatedly brushed off calls to freeze fares, and by doing so has subjected hard pressed commuters to years of rising travel costs with absolutely no respite. Whilst the extension of free travel for under 11s is welcome it will do little to help hard pressed commuters in Brent and Harrow.






-          Val Shawcross AM called for free travel to be extended to children using the train network in August 2015 – full details available here. At the time Train Operators welcomed the proposals and said they would work with the Mayor to consider the scheme.


-          Full details of the Mayor’s fares announcement are available here.

-          A TfL map showing which above ground London train routes allow free travel for 5 -10 year olds is available here.

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12th November 2015