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Officials “trying to pull the wool over residents’ eyes” over A&E closure

Health Chiefs have published leaflets and posters informing residents of “changes” to emergency services at Central Middlesex Hospital, when in fact the hospital’s A&E department is set to close.

Despite medical staff at the hospital initially wanting to use the word “closure” in literature, the hospital took the advice of PR advisers and referred to the closure as “changes” to emergency services.

It’s a disgrace that, having forced the closure of Central Middlesex Hospital’s A&E department, bosses are trying to pull the wool over residents’ eyes by branding the shut down as a simple change.

 The least the local community can expect is to be honestly informed of the closure of services, but instead we are being treated like fools. I am calling on Central Middlesex to stop listening to PR advisers and have a grown up conversation with the local community about the cuts to our emergency services.