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No frontline fire cuts in next year’s budget

Today Boris Johnson’s plans to close 12 fire stations and axe 18 fire engines were set back. The move came after members of the London Fire Authority accepted that the 2013/14 budget will not include cuts to frontline services. Proposals put forward by Labour Assembly Member Andrew Dismore mean the frontline cuts will not take place in the next financial year (2013/14), and there will now be time for a full and wide ranging consultation with Londoners.

Following Labour’s motion at today’s Fire Authority Urgency Committee the immediate threat to London’s frontline fire services has now been lifted. Today’s move has created time for a meaningful and wide-ranging consultation with Londoners on the Mayor’s plans to axe 12 fire stations, 18 fire engines and 520 firefighters.

Today we have pushed back Boris’s frontline fire cuts. This means there is now time to consult with people across our city and hear what they think about Boris Johnson’s plans to cut 12 fire stations, 18 fire engines and 520 firefighters. His plans are reckless and will jeopardise the long-term safety and security of Londoners.

Boris has been forced to take stock and delay his cuts which are too far and too fast. We will now hear what ordinary Londoners think about his plans and this will guide us in our battle to save our much needed frontline fire services. The men and women of the London Fire Brigade do a fantastic job protecting us when we need them most. Now it is our turn to stand up for them and the people they protect every day.”

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26th February 2013