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Mayor's plan confirms closure of police stations and fewer local police in Brent

Today the Mayor of London published his draft Police and Crime Plan for London. In it the Mayor claims that he will increase the number of police officers based in each borough (p10-11 of attached report). However, new analysis shows that the plans will lead to fewer police officers based in two thirds of London's boroughs, including Brent.

The new analysis shows that compared to 2010 many boroughs will lose significant numbers of police officers and police stations.

Brent is losing 35 police officers

Harrow is losing 17 police officers

In Brent, the Police Stations that are proposed for closure are Willesden Green and Harlesden.

In Harrow, the Police Stations that are proposed for closure are Pinner and Civic Centre (Counter)

The Mayor’s Draft Policing Plan also details how the current locally based Safer Neighbourhood Teams will have drastically reduced dedicated resources. Each SNT currently has three PCSOs, two PCs and one sergeant. The new model will see each SNT having only one dedicated PC and a "named sergeant". This is a move back to Sector-based policing, a model that was abandoned in the late 1990s as it was deemed to be ineffective and led to the police having poor relations on a local level.

This plan confirms our worst fears. We already know that London has lost over 2,000 police officers in the last two years, but this plan confirms that the majority of London’s boroughs will have fewer police officers than in 2010. Combined with the closure of 65 police front counters and the loss of nearly half of London’s PCSOs, this will lead to a smaller police presence on our streets.

I totally condemn the proposed closure of Willesden and Harlesden Police Stations. It is an act of vandalism to close police stations in deprived areas like Harlesden. It is vital that residents have access to local police stations, so I’m not surprised that local community members strongly oppose the closure of their police stations. Whilst the Mayor’s Draft Policing Plan doesn’t mention Kilburn Police Station, I’m very worried about the future of this police station which was at one stage being considered for closure.

Brent will be losing 35 police officers and to make matters worse, the Mayor’s proposed plan details how the Mayor will strip out our local Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) which are vital in fighting crime in London. SNTs build local knowledge and get to know their patch, the proposals today look very much like a return to the old model of sector policing which does not have this strong local link. The Mayor’s plans will also see a loss of many experienced senior officers, which raises obvious concerns about the supervision of police constables. Instead of dedicated Safer Neighbour Hood Team of 6 officers in each Ward there will be now only one dedicated Police Constable per ward and a "named Sergeant" (shared between Wards). As far as local policing goes this will be disastrous in driving down crime, visibility of uniformed police in local areas and maintaining confidence. The government and mayor are cutting too far and too fast, they are hitting the frontline service and putting at risk the safety and security of Brent’s residents from increased level of crime and anti social behaviour. I urge Brent’s residents and businesses to strongly oppose Mayor’s plans of dramatic reduction in police service that will only make matters worse for Brent.

I doubt the Mayor can keep his election promises, as HMIC reported last week police visibility is down and this trend will continue. Contrary to what they say, this is further evidence that the Mayor and Government are cutting too far too fast.

The Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Stephen Greenhalgh will be attending the consultation in Brent tomorrow (Thursday 10 January), following the publication of the Police and Crime Consultation.

I will be going to find out what is happening to policing in Brent. It’s a public consultation and I am urging all residents to attend to express their views on how you want policing in London to look in the future, especially as the Met Police is facing cuts of about 20% in London.

Please click on the link below for further information. The website also asks you to register to attend.

Thursday, 10 January, 2013 - 20:00 to 21:00
Sattavis Patidar Centre
Forty Avenue
Wembley Park

The link to the Mayor's office for Policing and Crime new 'Policing plan' regarding details of the proposed cuts to London police service can be found in this link:

The Mayor’s Draft Police and Crime Plan which contains the list of police stations across London that have been proposed for closure can be found on page 38-42 of this link: