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Mayor’s promise on police numbers in doubt

Boris Johnson admitted at Mayor’s Question Time (19 September 2012) that it would be ‘difficult’ to keep his promise to maintain police numbers at 32,000 in light of government cuts to the Metropolitan Police. The Mayor also faced questions over his plans to change the structure of the Metropolitan Police whereby some borough’s police services would be merged, and plans to close police stations and front counters.

The Mayor admitted getting the numbers back up will not be easy, adding "even though it is important for us as a city to keep the police, to keep the public focussed on that high number - because if it goes down then ultimately there will be a difficulty in getting enough police out there."

The plans, which will be publicly consulted on in October, will also see some boroughs sharing services but it is not yet clear what services will be shared or which boroughs will be affected.

The changes also downgrade the Mayor’s promise to replace any police stations and front counters that he closed down. His new commitment is to maintain a minimum of one 24/7 front counter per borough.

"These cuts are deeply worrying. The withdrawal of MPA/MOPAC funding to ‘Harrow Community Consultative Group’ (HPCCG) early this year, has already left Harrow with huge difficulty and Willesden Green Police Station in Brent is under threat of closure''.

'' The Mayor is telling us that he has to break his promise as he won’t be able to maintain police numbers at the level they need to be. Boris has already cut 1,444 police officers and 1,842 PCSOs in the last two years. These plans will see us being left with one front counter open 24/7 per borough''

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20th September 2012